Silver Cross Prams

I have many Silver Cross Prams in my collection, I think one of my favorites has to be The De Vere manufactored in the 1950s.Which is featured in my gallery.I also have the doll's version which I belive is called The Greta, I'm hoping to do them as a matching pair.My next favorite would be the Silverdawne, it was also made in the 1950's.They are both in the same colour livery of cream bodies and green hood and apron.

The Mulliner was made in the 1970's with very big wheels standing at 24 inches,which is huge.It is a lovely pram to push,it has navy livery with cream interior,and has become a firm favourite with a lot of younger mothers. It is also featured in my gallery. 

The  Wilson parkward was purshased from a lady in Hull it already had  the cream livery and the purple hood so I left it that way, hopeing to encourage younger mother's to use a coach built pram.

Silver Cross made so many different prams,it would be nearly impossible to have one of each design, it would be nice.