Pedigree coachbuilt prams

I have many Pedigree prams in my collection, one of my favorites has to be The Ondine Ballerina, which is all orginal, in black and cream.It is made of a glass fibre body so it will not perish.It is on large wheels,will have to measure them,this is a very rare pram. I accquired this pram from a lovely lady, to whom I am very grateful.

Pediree Clarence 1967

This pram came from a family in lincolnshire, who had owned it for the last 45 years.They was very sad to see it go,it had been well looked after and served their children well.It is nearly all orginal, I think it may have had a new hood and apron put on.There was something strange about this pram, but I could not put my finger on it, then it suddenly came to me, it has taps on as canopy knobs thats one way of recycling.

Green Pedigree 1955? Metal Body

This Pedigree pram came with special non tip legs, so how ever much the baby wriggles the pram will not tip over.LInes Brothers were the only pram manufactor to come up with this solution.I know this pram is still all orginal, it has come from  a game keeper who passed away in Tickton East Yorkshire. This was his only daughters pram and she sadly passed away around the age of Twelve. He kept it all those years.