The Millson's Victoria

I had been fancying one of these prams for quite a while,then one came up at Scotland.You guessed it we had a trip to Scotland ,but I can say it was very worth while as it is in fantastic condition and a dream to push!

This pram is a bit different to all the coach built prams, as the child is facing forward towards the public, a bit like the modern buggy today.

The Victoria could carry a child up to the age of 5, which in the 1930's parents liked their children to be in a pram as long as possible.Unlike today the child is told if you don't behave you will go in your pram,surely it should be a lovely experience being in a pram and days to treasure.

There is a photograph of Prince Charles in  a Victoria pram with his nanny in the Jack Hampshire book,  well worth a read .