Marmet craft

My Marmet Craft has a lovely wooden body, it has all the foot boards inside the pram, but over time someone has stuck them down. I bought her fom a lovely lady near  Beeford in East Yorkshire and all though she is old ,she is a dream to push.I believe she may be from 1936, my mam was born in the 1930s so maybe she would have been in a pram like this one.

Marmet Gardenia

This is a very rare pram bought from an online auction.She is still orginal apart from having new straps put on her, and her chassis resprayed thanks to my husband.She was also located at Wales before I got her, which ment a very long drive for my husband, to whom I am very grateful.The pram also has a wooden body, Marmets are becoming my favorties!I attended the Hull Hertiage Weekend in 2011 with this beauty.