Beatrice-Mary Osnath Chelsea

This beautiful Osnath Chelsea has come into my collection due to a very lovely  couple from the Yorkshire area, who wanted their pram to carry on its life and not to go to the tip.So you can imagine my amazement when i had a phone message asking if i was interested in the Osnath, now come on its a pram of course im interested.But what i wasnt expecting is that this Osnath Chelsea was free of charge, to say i was shocked was the very least, due to the kindness of this lovely couple so hence i have named her after the lady Beatrice Mary, so she will be known by her title now. She is a very stunning lady as i hope you will agree. She will be making her first apperance at shows this year proudly on display. I will be for ever grateful to this couple and there is still kindness in the world.

Thanks very much to you both, you know who you are !!! !