Welcome to vintageprams.biz

I hope you enjoy browsing my own collection of vintage prams.My passion for prams started at the age of eight in the 1970's by taking the neighbours baby out in his hard bodied Silver Cross pram, it was a dream to push and then the pram bug carried on from there.

 I started collecting in 2010 although i have always used a Coachbuilt pram for all of my five children.In 2011 i started displaying part of my collection at a local tractor show,i thought this would be something different and for the ladies to enjoy as well. By the end of 2011 I have done six local shows and diplayed at two local churches. I have been asked to return in 2012, and i am really looking forward to getting out and about talking to local people about prams because everyone has been in one at one time or another.

I try to keep my prams as orginal as possible,other than cleaning the rust and dirt off,then a good old polish.Many of these prams would not be in my collection, if it was not for my husband who drives the many many miles to collect them.

At the top of the page on the left is my daughter Jenny dressed in her 1940's clothing pushing my Marmet drop toe.It seems this bug has been passed on in the family.

The picture above is of my late mother with my oldest sister, my auntie and my cousins taken in Bridlington in 1966.